What's Worth Dying For?

There will always be those who spend their entire lives living not in the comfort of luxury, but in the luxury of comfort. No, it doesn’t take exhorbant amounts of money for them to live in luxury, for their luxury will be in the ignorance of suffering. That person will work hard towards a personally defined “success” and endure the everyday stresses of the American dream; he or she  relaxes on the weekends and is relatively content with their work-to-play ratio (quietly hinting to themseves for more play and less work). Their lives are safely metiocre. And here’s the kicker:

Satan loves it. He does not fear a mediocre life– 401ks, 2.5 children and white picket fences are of little damage in the fight against him. What he’s afraid of, what makes his heart drop into his bowels, what makes him say, “Oh $#*@%” is the man or woman who is not afraid to take risks on behalf of Christ. The guy who will give up anythingso that God would look good. The girl who will stop at nothing to proclaim Jesus to those who have never heard his name.

It’s these people who have decided that this Jesus guy is not just worth living for, but even worth dying for. This. Scares. Satan.

We see this in Matthew 25:14-30 which can be paraphrased by catch phrases: No risk, no reward. Go big or go home.

The video below is extremely disturbing and profoundly inspiring for believers in Christ. It shows the cost of following Jesus, and that this cost is paid because the belief is more than tradition or superstition. It’s in a real God, a real Savior. These are men and women who do not live a mediocre life and who are (or “were,” in some cases) such threats to Satan that they are dealt with accordingly.

What are you living for? What will you die for?

Persecution in India: Unedited Footage from Cornerstone Church


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