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I felt a need to publish this email I just sent out to the other people traveling to Africa with me this winter. If you don’t know anything about the trip, checkout our blog @ http://vitanovaglobal.wordpress.com

Hopefully this will give you some candid insight on what we’re trying to do.

Hey Team,

Two weeks from today we will be taking our last step on American soil this year and heading on what will likely be the most life changing experience of our 2+ decades of existence on earth. I’m proud of all of you and the ways that we have been able to step up and put in the hard work for fulfillment of our mission. Fortunately since we all like challenges, this was just the easy part up until now.

In this email I’ve put together things that we need to be thinking about with just two weeks left before showtime. Please take the time to read this.

Spiritual Stuff:

  • Quiet Time: If you’re not consistently spending time in the bible and prayer, I would suggest that you spend the next two weeks working on making it a habit. I’m not trying to be legalistic but if we’re not comfortable diving into scripture on a consistent basis and relying on that time with God to be able to get through our days, then our time in Africa will be extremely hard, or more realistically: impossible.
  • Assignment: In the next 2 weeks, read through the book of John. If you have another study, just add this on top. During our time in Africa, we will be going through this Gospel and looking at certain themes that I think we can really gain inside access to particularly because of our mission. This means reading 1.5 chapters a day or just read about 2 chapters a day for 10ish days. (21 chapters).
    • While reading, please be asking yourself these two questions: (1) How does this section affect what I believe and how I believe? (2) What about this passage should we be sharing with non-believers?
    • Write your answers down so we can discuss them a bit more efficiently when we’re in Africa. I think you’ll also be surprised how these answers might change when we’re doing the study IN Africa, as opposed to America.
  • Pray: We made a commitment early on the trip to be praying for specific people in the team. Let’s keep that going as these two weeks before leaving will be the hardest we’ve had to deal with yet. Satan is just using everything he can get his hands on to get us to not step onto those planes. Please be intentional about speaking with the people that you’re praying about and getting updates on what to pray about – Finals are always stress that can use prayer, but I’m sure there’s more.

Practical Stuff:

  • Eating Habits: Don’t start starving yourself or fasting for days on end. It’ll make it significantly easier for you to adjust to our time in Africa, however, if we gradually decrease our daily intake of food. The body can effectively operate on significantly less food than us Americans are used to. The African day will consist of a small breakfast of toast and tea, a small lunch of rice and beans, and a larger dinner. This is not a requirement, but a suggestion.
  • Spending Habits: I was recently very convicted by an idea that sprang up which basically said, “How can I be asking others to give sacrificially to our mission and Uganda if I myself and not giving sacrificially.” I think with the holiday season in the air, it’s easy to be caught in the consumer cycle that we’ve been raised in. I would challenge you, however, in thinking about our trip financially. What are you willing to contribute? I know many of you have made contributions already, but we don’t have “enough” money yet.
    • Be conservative about what you’re buying for your friends/family for Christmas (if anything). Make them a card and tell them Merry Christmas, but they’ll understand if they don’t get a gift if you let them know that the money is going to help widows and orphans in Uganda. Plus it’s a good excuse to not have to go Christmas shopping…
    • Maybe this means sacrificing some gifts – let your rents/family know that the best Christmas present would be $xxx for our time in Africa.
  • Sleeping / Resting Habits: This is more important for the 2-3 days before we leave. Avoid staying up until the wee hours and get your rest. Your body will be going through a LOT of physically demanding adjustments and will need every bit of rest to adjust comfortably. The last thing you want while heading into Uganda is a weak immune system which arises from a lack of good rest.

That’s all for now. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday night for prayer / signing. I’d like to get together for a meal with some praying/fellowship sometime this weekend. I was thinking maybe lunch on Friday or dinner on Saturday. Cory will also be coming to one of these to speak to us about Ugandan culture.

Thanks for reading, love you guys!


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