Audio Sermons

For anyone who is interested, I’ve had a couple of sermons recorded and available for audio download. These were
recorded over the past few months.

Pulpit Rock
“Prekestolen,” or “Pulpit Rock.” A natural rock formation with a 25 meter squared plateau stands 604 meters above the sea in Norway

Sermon Title: Burn It All
Scripture: Acts 19:18-41 (The Riot at Ephesus)
Download Link: Click Here

Summary: This sermon looks at the church at Ephesus and their reaction to the Gospel. Their reaction is dramatic, drastic, and inspiring. We see in the text that the lives of the Ephesians encounter a transformation of epic proportions because they begin to understand just what Jesus means to them. Shouldn’t we experience the same thing?

Sermon Title: Streaking Through Town
1 Corinthians 2:6-16 (Wisdom in the Spirit)
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Summary: This sermon takes a look at what kind of role the Holy Spirit plays in the Christian’s life as explained by the Apostle Paul to the church at Corinth. If we have the very Spirit of God dwelling in us as the Holy Spirit, should we be more obedient to it? How do we obey it?

Take a listen and let me know what ya’ll think. Thanks!

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