Stunted Growth

Jackie ChanJust like every other rugrat rampaging through the elementary playground, I had dreams of what I wanted to be. While others played with stethoscopes and dreamt of sawing into people’s cerebellums for their future occupation, I turned to a much more glamorous and overall better profession: Professional Stuntman.

My main influence? Director, producer, screen writer, actor, and stuntman Jackie Chan. He was my hero growing up, showing off that he didn’t need a stunt double to do his awesome action scenes. Not only could he kick ass with his martial arts skills, but he did so while jumping over cars, off roofs and through glass. It was the thrill seeking side of me that still exists today that was excited while watching his films like Mr. Nice Guy, Who Am I and Rumble in the Bronx. “How exhilarating it must be,” I thought watching the film Who Am I?, “to get to slide down a 22-story slanted glass roof and get paid for it!” Being a stunt man to me meant doing all of the crazy stuff that I was doing at the time and making a profession out of it.

Here’s a film on Jackie Chan’s Top 10 Stunts according to some movie reviewers just to put the living legend into context:

I would later find out that being a stunt man meant not being able to get any type of health or life insurance but my desire for thrill and craziness still exists. One of my dreams is still to be a stunt double in a movie so God willing… maybe I’ll get to jump out of an airplane or off a building for some actor who’s 5’6″ and Asian.

Thomas J –out

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