Time to GO

Due to a colossal amount of work as a result of epic academic procrastination and general motivational inadequacies, I haven’t been able to write as of late. I won’t make a triumphant return with a huge blog on some radical new idea, but instead I will treat you all to a little snack explaining what’s been going on in my life.

mudhutRecently we had our first team meeting for my trip to Africa this summer. It was great to say the least; we got a chance to meet the other team members, the leaders and talked a little bit about what we’re going to be doing. It’s still up in the air, but I was re insured of adventure in epic proportions. What more could I ask for? Tales of eating exotic foods and open showers allowing us to stare up at the African sky all the while having the constant threat of militant LRA members and wild gorillas at every turn. People were appalled, shifting in their seats with unease and discomfort as the previous year’s missionary illustrated the experience. I sat, toe-tapping at a million miles an hour, with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.

Juvenile thrill seeker or not, I am very excited about our trip. Fundraising has been going great and I thank you for your prayers. We’re at about $2,100 of the $4,000 needed and we’re right on pace with the schedule of funds they’ve created for us.apg_nyc_080418_ssh1

I will be leaving this Saturday for New York City as a part of the MHNights Church plant on a trip to help some other church plants. We’ll have chances to engage in homeless/city outreach, construction, and all of those other things one would expect from a missions trip. We’ll be in New York for about a week with a team of 16 students which would predictably generate some serious fun. I’m pumped! Please pray for safe travels, money, and our open minds and hearts to the needs of the city.

Thanks for listening/reading. I’ll be bringing my computer down to NYC so check back for some updates throughout next week.

God Bless

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