Killing in the name of:

Soldier's Prayer

My what a controversial issue regarding the concept of killing and murder and what stance we as Christ followers (and humans) should have on it.

Can you justify in any case taking the the life of another?

After a discussion with one of my extremely intelligent colleagues, I was informed that the original ten commandments when translated from the ancient Hebrew states that murder is forbidden, which is a different word than “to kill”. That puts a twist on things.

To me: God is the ultimate author of life and perfect judge. No human has the right or ability to correctly judge any other human, especially when it’s a judgment on a cost of their life. In this case, murder to me is wrong (because it specifically is forbidden).

There’s often a scenario that gets painted when this topic of discussion arises that we will call the “Personal Emotions case.” The role-playing hypothetically places the victim into a situation where the lives of their lived ones, whether its their wife, children, mother, father, or puppy, are in danger and can be remedied by killing the “bad guy.”

What is the right answer? A God-fearing and righteous man of God would not kill the bad guy, even at the cost of his entire family. If your faith says that God is the ultimate judge and that complete justice will one day be served by Him, you would not take matters into your own hands– there’s a bigger picture.

Would I allow my family to die for the life of a person putting them in danger? Not at all. The emphasis of the above statement lies in the character required to do it and given the opportunity to save my family I would not be self controlled enough to abstain from killing.

Keep in mind that there is no huge unforgivable sin (except for blaspheming the Holy Spirit but that’s a whole other debate), but that all sin is the same to God. We can argue and point fingers at murderers/soldiers alike and call them sinners but remember that you commit sins on the very same level everyday. Don’t fret becauseĀ  God’s grace abundantly covers it all and the ultimate price has already been paid!

More than my thoughts, I think it’s more important to hear what you think. Please comment and leave your ideas!


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