Answered Prayer

bibleThere was a time when I sat awkwardly in a bible study’s premier meeting, posturing my attitude and body to ensure prime “coolness” for the rest to see. As I was reminiscing times of long past, a time when I couldn’t tell you the difference between my head and my butt, I began to worry that our new South West co-ed bible study was going to be filled with people like me. I was way too focused on myself to get anything out of a study and the hours of scripture research and preparation by the group’s leader surely was unnecessary for me. Luckily for the leader, there were other people in the group that his teaching would satisfy and luckily for me (and the planet earth), our bible study meeting last night was full people very much unlike myself.

The majority of people reading this have been investing prayer into this new bible study and let me encourage you by telling you that your requests to God for a spirit-filled, fellowship-rich, and scripturally-bound group of kids has been answered. I have played the “Christian game” and been to a lot of bible studies but never have I seen a group of people ready to share and explore so boldly at the first meeting. The only possible answer for this is God’s spirit tugging on the hearts of these young students as they seek truth.

The consensus I want our group to meet is that there is more to this whole college experience than drugs, sex and rock&roll. That this bible that we make sacrifices to study every week means something and has significance in our lives here in the twenty-first century. And the challenge is that if we cannot take any meaning from the scripture each week, if we can’t make it relevant to our living in this broken world, it is nothing more than a 2,000 year old book with good advice and grand rhetoric. Now as I stand in danger of being a heretic, it’s fairly important that we as a bible study can meet this challenge.

If being a Christian was boring and consisted of giving money to some guy in a white robe while I ate crackers and sipped on juice once a week, I would not follow Christ. I told this to the group and as the words came out of my mouth I realized that although I had never said this, it was completely from my heart. All of this… this bible study, this church planting movement, this trip to Uganda, this silly blog and it’s entries, everything that I’m investing my time and life into HAS to be better than the “normal” college routine without God. If it wasn’t, why the hell am I doing this?

I’m blessed to be reminded and encouraged every day through my relationships with others and God that it in fact is better and more exhilarating than anything I could conjure up on my own.

Please keep us in your prayers. Here’s a list of people that are involved. Everyone has different prayer requests but the universal necessities are for energy to get through the long days of classes, discipline to be on top of all assignments, and strength to avoid the temptations of college life.


Thanks for reading.

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